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International Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage

Intl_copy.jpgThrough our subsidiary Company, NZ International Shipping Services, we offer an international freight forwarding and customs brokerage service.  NZISS has been operating for the past 15 years, providing a seamless service in the import and export of both air and seafreight shipments.  We have a network of overseas agents that share our commitment to professionalism and providing an impeccable service at a competitive price.  Due to our extensive knowledge of the forwarding industry and the ability to listen to what our clients want, we are able to select the best method of transport based on the terms of the shipment, cost and time requirements.  We are able to handle everything from the time an order is placed with a supplier through to the final delivery destination.  We understand the impact that unavoidable delays can have on our client’s bottom lines if they are not adequately prepared for them. Keeping our clients informed every step of the way is what we pride ourselves on.

Our brokers are meticulous with ensuring products are classified correctly so the correct duties are paid, concessions are utilised and all regulations are met.  There are a lot of brokers that incorrectly classify shipments due to inexperience and cost cutting which costs the customer in hold ups due to targeted inspections and potential fines. 

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